Triplewax Valeting Range

Triplewax, the No.1 selling shampoo and polish, is 40 years old in 2011. And to celebrate, Triplewax has got a brand new, modern look and an exciting new valeting range.


Triplewax is the complete car care and valeting product range, offering everything needed to clean, valet and care for your car, both inside and out! The range consists of the following....


Internal Valeting

Triplewax Dash Cleaner - Effortlessly removes ingrained dirt and grime from dashboards and interior plastic trim. It leaves a rich satin finish recreating a natural new look particularly suitable for modern vehicles. After cleaning; Dash Cleaner leaves a pleasant air freshening fruity fragrance to refresh the vehicle.

The advanced silicone free, water based formula protects against drying, cracking and fading.

The foam cleaning technology  also protects dashboards against the build up of dirt and grime, to keep surfaces dust free and cleaner for longer.


Triplewax Fabric Cleaner - A powerful foam action cleaner that removes dirt marks and grime from all types of fabric upholstery including carpets, mats, seats, roof linings and trim panels. The fast acting formula penetrates and lifts the dirt and grime without bleaching and will dry without staining. The technologically advanced cleaning process leaves a protective layer over the upholstery which repels dust helping to prevent further grime build up. The citrus fragrance helps to neutralise stale odours caused by food, tobacco and pets etc.


Triplewax Glass Shine - Cleans, polishes and restores all glass and mirrors. Fast acting cleaning agents effortlessly remove dirt, dust, grease, tobacco haze and finger marks, leaving streak-free glass both inside and out.

The powerful Glass Shine fomulation contains anti-mist protection for clearer vision and improved driving safety, in addition to bug removing agents to remove difficult deposits such as tree sap, bird lime and dead insects.



Exterior Valeting

Triplewax Waterless Wash & Shine - A revolution in the car care technology and the most versatile car cleaning product on the market. Clean, Polish and Protect your vehicle in one easy application - WITHOUT WATER. No need for sponges, shampoo, buckets, hoses or mess!

Triplewax Waterless Wash and Shine effortlessly cuts through all types of dirt and grime, leaving a brilliant just - waxed finish, with no powdery white residue marks. Also suitable for use on glass, wheels, bumpers and plastic trim.

An average family car should take no more than 15 minutes to clean. One bottle can treat up to 10 vehicles. Triplewax Waterless Wash and Shine can also be used as a top-up clean/rapid detailer product between regular car washing.


Triplewax Tyre Shine – Instant foam cleaner washes and shines tyres. Simply spray on and allow to dry, for a 'new look' tyre finish. Tyre Shine conditions tyre walls and protects against surface cracks.


Triplewax Fast Wax - The quickest and easiest way to polish your car. Combining a special blend of the world's finest waxes, Triplewax Fast Wax will leave bodywork with a long lasting shine, with minimum effort. Shines in seconds, just spray on and wipe off. No effort required.


Triplewax Bumper Shine - Guarantees a 'new look' shine every time on plastic bumpers of all colours. Suitable for use on all PVC trim, plastic bumpers, tyre walls, side mirrors and spoiler kits for outstanding long-lasting results.

The advanced Bumper Shine anti-static cleaning technology fights against the build up of dirt, grease and grime, leaving a protective layer with a durable shine on all exterior PVC.